Ridgefield New Jersey Democrats – Official Site

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We would like to thank all the people who voted for us, supported and worked for our campaign, took the time to meet us and share thoughts when we came knocking at their door, and put up our banners and signs. Hugo and Jimmy officially join the Suarez Team on January 6th and together we will continue to do all the best for Ridgefield. Please continue to follow our website, Facebook page, and feel free to keep in touch with us with your questions and comments. Happy New Year with best wishes, health, and happiness to your families and friends.



Tax stability over the past six years;

Have begun cleanup and redevelopment of old industrial sites to bring in new ratable revenue to the Borough to keep your taxes low;

Ridgefield ranked as one of the USA’s 100 safest cities and New Jersey’s Best Places to Live;

Repaving of more streets and sewer relining with grant money;

Shared services to save the Borough money and keep our services superior;

Hired new Borough Administrator & CFO, who are providing the highest level of services, yet keeping salaries and professional fees at a reasonable level.

New DPW, Ambulance, Police and Fire vehicles to keep our community safe;

Upgrading of recreation areas including basketball/tennis courts, swimming pool with grant money;

New Fence and continued improvement to our Nature Center

New field house at Meadowlands Field;

Completed Renovations to Community Center;

Obtained grant money for Public Library.